you are the only one lifting yourself up

My heart leaps every time made progress, but it is not even mentioned, but my eyes were like a big step forward, and will likely please you. I feel confident about anytime of the day came Inventec, which is known as one of the biggest 500 companies in the world, people really, bends time to join here, but not for me. me, is quite different than many other ideas. contary to what other people do, is the name of the place where he was very clear, I think it’s nothing special, but for someone who feels rensentful grave, it seems, especially for people of my kind, steadfast in mind, and probably a large part of you think that way.

Jobs Inventec believe tortured every day, like a bird in a cage, there is no freedom, no joy, no free time, and the worst, you feel like a man whose fear of death, both drying and strong desire to fulfill her dream, because life can be completely and one day will die without repentance. not at this point, unfortunately for me, I prefer to be one of great value and success as easy as I thought I was, however, what it is that ideas should be much larger than they can always be passive. but we can most layfolk least, save me, I guess. What is the history of life.

For fifteen days I did not think that everything is gone, but he stayed where he was from the beginning, as a result of me not to play in my work, every sense, I’m suffering from remorse, but he does it, it is useless pushing to’m cruel reality in which I decided to forget about the past. Judging from what I did, I think that the day that luck will soon, perhaps about the difficulty in finding when I go. Does my suffering. I’m good, I must admit. I learned some lessons from our own experience that trust is always a chance of ultimate success is not the experience of happiness and support of people around you, but in defining and force pushing forward every day.

Although not very fond of my life Inventec, it is likely that once thanks and appreciation will be the best day of my stay here, it may be a springboard for me, because finally my sister said, he said. love with all my heart and see how best I can every day to be pink!
Give the best you can with your fingers crossed!

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