Youth is the time of life, no matter the state of mind, red cheeks, red lips and supple knees, will question the quality of imagination, the power of emotions, a freshness and source of life. Youth domination temperamental courage over timidity of the appetite for adventure over love is simple. This is a man whose 60 more often than men 20 were present. There is no single age, only a few years. We left the ideals we grow older. Year, the wrinkles on the skin can give up, but the enthusiasm wrinkles the soul. Restlessness, anxiety, self-confidence in beating hearts and souls turn back into dust. Up to 60 or 16, is the heart of us all the lure of wonder, childlike appetite for what’s next for continuous and excitement of the game of life. The center of the heart and liver of a radio station. Although there is a message of beauty, hope, courage comfort, and strength than men, and by the endless, as long as young people. If the antenna does not work, and your spirit is covered with snow and ice of cynicism, pessimism, you got old, even 20, but as long as the antenna up to catch the wave of optimism, there is hope that 80 boys to die.

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